Corporate Advisory

Providing Corporate Advisory Services to Executives

Strategic Planning

Sustained success requires a roadmap and solid plans at every level of the business, all linked back to the over-arching Company Strategic Plan. Point Capital takes structured personal approach to uncovering the potential of your business. Actionable plans and deliverable outcomes.

Financial Management

Improving the financial management of your business is critical if you are to achieve your business goals and remain competitive in a globalized marketplace. Working together with your team we can help quanitfy your capital requirements, and develop optimal debt and equity strategies through sensible funding options. And we will assist with strategies for cash management, and ensure you have the financial controls you need.

Risk Management

Risks to your business can come from any direction and can be very hard to predict. Managing risk is a critical part of business and planning for risks before they occur is a prudent strategy to safeguard your investment. Point Capital will assist you to develop a systematic approach to risk evaluation and management for your business.


Leadership and effective teams "go hand in glove". A high performing team will only exist if it has a high performing leader. Together, the leader and the team will generate a business which can create strong market leadership. Without a well led high performing team your business is destined for mediocrity, at best, or more likely, obsolescence and failure.

Leaders provide vision, systems, communication, culture and motivation to be better than the best.

The Point Capital team has built many businesses with high performing teams. We do not like second best and we can work with you to ensure you win.

Product Development

Unique combinations of products and technologies create market leadership. Market leadership is a necessary platform for exceptional profits and long term business success. Our track record product innovation, commercialization and creating strong market positions is the foundation for assisting your business to develop a winning combination.

Marketing & Distribution

Marketing is all about matching what you "produce" with what the customer "wants" in such a way that you make a profit. Marketing without profit creation is an exercise in futility. We will work with you to develop and strategic marketing plan which will deliver the results within budget.