Industry Expertise

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Nutraceuticals & Bioactives

Nutraceuticals are natural and bioactive compounds with disease-preventing and health-promoting properties, which add to the basic nutritional value of foods. Global consumption of Nutraceuticals is expected to generate $US295 billion by 2022 as consumers seek to to reduce the impact of aging and developing chronic age and lifestyle related disease. Point Capital has in-depth understanding of these markets and is assisting companies with strategy and planning.

Start-Up Enterprises

Point Capital has many years hands-on experience with start-ups and early stage businesses, across many industries including scientific supplies, diagnostic products, biotechnology products, professional services, hospitality ventures, agriculture and horticulture enterprises and more. Our hard-won lessons are regularly applied to the companies Point Capital works with. We provide hands-on solutions and start-up teams to assist with the process, including assistance with identifying the best funding sources.

Renewable Energy

With today's emphasis on reducing carbon, increasing sustainability, Point Capital is focused on sustainable energy production, waste minimisation and renewable resources. For example, Brisbane, Australia, based Utilitas is a leading-edge Biogas Utility Service company providing a single-fee-service for on-site recovery of energy, water and nutrient from organic waste.


Sustainable energy production from renewable resources is severely challenged by the cost of production and the inherent competition with food production where corn or canola, for example, are the feedstocks. Point Capital is working with a US-based group who have developed a novel technology, SIEE Ethanol, which produces Ethanol from cellulosic green-waste streams.

Surface Coatings

Corrosion, wear and tear are a fact of life and add greatly to the cost of production in oil & gas production, pipelines, infrastructure utilities and maritime operations. Point Capital have identified a new ceramic technology which can be applied at manufacure or restrospectively to extend the life of the particular item of equipment, pipeline or asset. This CMx technolgy is in the late stages of commercialisation.

Financial Services & Technology

Point Capital has identified a number of significant opportunities in the financial services and rapidly accelerating "Fintech" space. Point Capital is focused on opportunites in Funds Administration and Insurance. In addition we have identified global opportunites in the SaaS (Software as a Service) market segment. A prime example is Australian-based, Assignar which is currently entering the US market.


Point Capital sees further investment opportunity in General Medical Practices. Omni Health Limited is acquiring General Practices in New Zealand. General Practicitioners continue to have "skin in the game" aligning financial performance and ROI. Point Capital is considering a range of other healthcare investments, locally and internationally.


Point Capital is involved with a number of property invesments and investment projects but the emphasis at this stage is on "tight spots in the market", namely in retirement, senior living, wellness centres, and multi-story apartments. Roys Bay Estate is a prime focus at present. We are also well-advanced in an office-warehouse park development in central USA.